Ruth, 20, Ireland. Ravenclaw, aww yiss boii.
I like Lolita fashion and Ace Attorney and music and you.
I'm horrible at Tumblr.


Anonymous asked
God dayum gurl the shit you blog is ridiculous. Why you so AWOL

Yo anon I’m a free spirit roll with it. Also I can’t sleep even though I’m unfairly tired, so you know. Have mercy. (also hello <3)




I did a thing

blame peter

I’ve been waiting my whole life for this post to happen.

Sing them outloud. You won’t be disappoint.


sometimes people offer me a thing but i get so anxious instantly that my first response is just ‘no thank you’

but i actually really want the thing and i just stand there like no i wanted the thing god damn why can’t i say yes to people

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